gay_pakistani_blurredHow many times do you hear the word Pakistani gay? Or Pakistani queer? Probably you’re more aware of the derogatory terms that are locally used for the LGBTQ community in Pakistan. Terms such as Gandoo, Khusri, Chawwa, Chakka, Zanana, Londay Baz… so on and so forth. And you probably laughed it up! Did you ever think what goes on in the life of a Pakistani queer person? What they have to go through? Or you were too busy denying it’s something ‘western’ and doesn’t exist in Pakistan?

Well NOT ANYMORE! We’re here! And we’re here to show our existence… to speak out loud… to make noise and to begin the fight for our rights in this Islamic Republic. Yes dear ladies and gentleman, I present you this very own website which aims to be representative of Pakistani queer community and to start the fight for our rights.

Who we are?

We’re Pakistani so called LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning) people living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Some of are Muslims, some are Christians and some even Atheists and yet we come together for the same cause i.e. to begin the movement to take what’s ours.

What we aim to do?

First of all, we aim to use this website and the power of social media to represent ourselves and to voice our concerns about various issues. Secondly we aim to provide support to the most marginalized LGBTQ community of Pakistan that has lived in the shadows. Following are the projects we are working on.

- Blog: Full of content about LGBTQ Pakistan news and issues

- Islam and LGBTQ: Resource for Muslim Queer Pakistanis who have been struggling and are facing identity crises.

- Distress and Support Channel: To provide support and assistance to the troubled youth who are confused and distressed about their sexuality due to fear of rejection by family or religion, or any other reason. This support channel will also provide the support to people who are questioning about their sexuality and will help them to come to terms with their sexuality.

- Health & Awareness: Detailed and open awareness about safe-sex, sexual health and other relevant resource.

- Lifestyle: This channel will provide informational resource to the Pakistani queer audience to develop the queer lifestyle.

How can we get involved?

For now, we need you to spread the word through your social media channels and to forward this website to your queer friends. We’ll announce the need of volunteers shortly so stay tuned.