LAHORE: In a sensational stunt, the host of Abb Takk‘s show ‘Secret’ is seen storming in a house with her camera team along with policemen, followed by extreme mockery and harassment.

The drama begins as she interrogates the ‘couple’ with questions like how long they’ve been living together and if the man knew of the sexual identity of the supposed partner. She immediately shuns them with a flashing on-screen label “Lie” as they attempt to tell something about the man’s psychiatric conditions. She goes on to ask the man where he sleeps to which he said “in the lounge away from bedroom”.

Then, she produces a substance which she insists is narcotic (by rubbing her finger in it, genius?) and fits it in the report to establish the ‘evil’ among homosexuals. The saga continues as she enters into the bedroom screaming “don’t let them go” as if she has dug gold — she sure represented it that way in the report. In the room we see two portraits hanging on the wall where the couple is dressed as bride and groom, then flashes a text saying Bridegroom’s bride is also a man.

She then begins her self righteous and holier than thou speech, which is typical of such shows on Pakistani media, addressing the transgender (or was he really a cross-dressing man, we don’t know!) partner with her words of wisdom saying “you have destroyed his life to fulfill your own needs and now you have closed his mind that he’s no longer worthy of anyone”. Then she turns to the camera to lecture the audience with “what if” questions and she contradicts herself with a closing statement “what if your child is born this way”.

All this while the following extremely ignorant and homophobic ‘concluding’ text kept flashing on the screen

1) “Unemployment has led even men to prostitution”… huh?
2) “People [ignorantly] love those who are worthy of stoning”…
3) “Showbiz industry is full of homosexuals (Ansar Burney)”… quotes Pakistani human rights activist Ansar Burney.
4) “What’s the purpose of men dressed as women to stand on roadside”… maybe to hire a taxi?
5) “Men trapped in prostitution in rented houses”… huh?
6) “Business of homosexuality in Zamzama, Clifton and other posh areas…”… and we thought homosexuality was a sexual orientation.
7) “Decent and respectable people also involved in this crime”
8) “Tiny places/cabins/huts are house of sins”
9) “Need of lawmaking to curb homosexuality…” Really? You need more legislation in a country that criminalizes homosexuality and has Sharia clauses that prescribes capital punishment?
9) “This nation is destroyed because of open-minded people…” genius! We thought poverty and terrorism was the cause but now we know, it’s open minded people!
10) “Man the bridegroom and man the bride…” honey you really need to get used to seeing that now that several countries recognize that.
11) “Government silent spectator…” of course, what’s the harm in blaming government, everyone seems to be doing it.
12) “Glimpse of People of (prophet)Lot even in this modern world” … honey modern world has more ‘people of Lot’ than the people of Lot themselves. Your ignorance is at fault here.
13) “A big cause of HIV and AIDS is homosexuality”… okay, that’s crossing the lines of ignorance. Missy, the cause you are referring to is “unsafe sex” which also prevails in heterosexuality. Honestly, don’t you do any research and have any editorial control these days?
14) “Vulgar men acting as eunuchs…”

And finally, the man is handed over to police. What crimes are they charged with? We don’t know! However, if they are prosecuted for homosexuality and possession of drugs, they can be handed capital punishment.

Invasion of privacy like this is extremely outrageous and hypocritical especially because every homophobe on TV proclaims they don’t care about what goes on behind the closed doors as long as it doesn’t come to public.

We condemn and protest against the inaccuracy of the ‘facts’ presented, invasion of privacy, publicly humiliating, involving police and homophobic bigotry reporting aimed at demonizing the LGBT community.