MIRPUR, April 29, 2014 – Activists at Queer Pakistan expressed deep shock and terror about the recently reported hate crime involving a serial killer who confessed to killing at least three gay men in a bid to “teach them a lesson”.

“This is the most heinous of all crimes and our hearts go out to the families of the victims”, said QueerPK founder Fakhir. “No words can be enough to condemn such a crime”.

Fakhir hoped for the conviction of the killer but expressed concerns that he might be hailed as a hero given the deep rooted homophobia of the society.

“I don’t think the government has our back or will protect us against these crimes” he said, “I think we are on our own”.

“This is high time we came together as a community and console each other in the tough time” he added.

QueerPK has advocated the need and importance of anonymity and protection of identities of LGBTQIA internet users. Given the recent exposure of social networking websites that acted as meeting place for gay people have further risked the lives of the community.

We think this is turning to be a witch hunt against gay people and would like to alert gay community in Pakistan to look out for themselves while surfing these websites.