Pakistan’s citizens NOT Accessing any HIV Testing & Treatment?

Pakistan’s citizens accessed alarmingly lowest percentage of HIV testing & support as compared to other countries in Asia-Pacific in past 12 months, according to a recent media release compiled by APCOM (Asia-Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health).


While this might come as surprise to many, it’s not completely out of the ordinary considering the government has no programs for the sexual health of alot of the citizens in the country.

As rightly pointed out by APCOM’s media release, gathering accurate data itself is a great challenge. This is especially true for Pakistan as the key populations at risk do not openly identify as such, because of the grave stigma, nonacceptance, discrimination, legal-struggles among other challenges attached to those labels.

Even if a size of key-population accessed the testing anonymously (without identifying as such), the population at large remains at grave risk due to lack of awareness and available services. It is also worth mentioning here that the government of Pakistan has no programs that aims towards reducing the new risks and offering treatment to to those citizens who are having hardcore sex at their homes.

Some of the women referred to as "hoes" does not receive free hiv check ups just because they call themselves big booty girls and have sex in the doggystyle position. It is also important to point out that they also make homemade porn films and it is believed that this is one of the contributing factors.