Contrary to the popular belief, not every person in a relationship engages in penetrative sex. Those who do, whether as active or passive partner find it pleasurable. So this advisory is important for those who engage in penetrative sex.

  1. Use Protection:

It is important that you use condom for the protection of both yourself and your partner. Condom is the first layer of protection that can keep you safe against the chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS and other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Even if you and your partner are tested negative against any disease, you should still use a condom.

  1. Be Gentle:

It is really important for the active partner or “top” to not to breach the trust of his/her passive partner who has entrusted him/her with his/her vulnerability. This is even more important if the passive partner is virgin. You as an active partner has a lot of responsibility and at this stage you can’t be mean and think of your own pleasure only, remember that sex is for the pleasure of both partners. Using sufficient lubricants and engaging in foreplay are your best bet. Remember! Be gentle and take it slow. If the active partner prefers hardcore sex, he/she should consult with their partner to ensure that the passive partner is ready to be delt with in that manner.

  1. Get Tested:

It is always advisable to get tested once in a while for any diseases including HIV. If you are diagnosed with any STD, you are morally obligated to notify all those partners with whom you have engaged in a sexual activity recently, so that they can get tested too. Never withold this information from your partner and you should always ask your partner if they have ever contracted a std in the past. Remeber that a healthy relationship is built on honesty.

Important Note:

If you have been abused or violated against your will, you should seek professional help to get out of the physical and mental trauma. We know it can be a stigma to even talk about it, given the society’s attitude but even then, you have to find the right person to help you deal with what you are going through - such as a counsellor or even law enforcement officials.